These are the people who do most of the hard lower-level work of keeping MWM going, on the front lines. The order is not meant to imply anything about the importance; it’s just alphabetical. Contact information is not provided, due to privacy concerns; members can get contact information from inside the front cover of the newsletter.

Area Coordinators

DC: Alex Belinfante
MD: Susan Wolf
VA: Tom Wright
WV: Vacant — Please Volunteer!

Capital M Staff

Calendar Editor: Melissa Hershcopf (Publications Officer)
Editors: Tom Wright and Monica Anderson
Proofreaders: Monica Anderson and Morgan Halvorsen
Labels Wrangler: Colleen Griffith-Regal
Advertising Manager: Send Checks to the Treasurer

Other Appointed Officers

Archivist/Historian: Andrew Siddons
College Liaison: Doreen Rizopoulos
Community Service Officer: Vacant — Please Volunteer!
Gen Y Coordinator: Tabby Vos
Gen Z Coordinator: Heidi Zettl
Gifted Youth Coordinator: Heather Sprague
Assistant Gifted Youth Coordinators: Dave Cahn, Edee Schwartz
Ombudsperson: Tiyeme Lampart
Marketing Officer: Vacant — Please Volunteer!
Regional Gathering (RG) Chair: Tabby Vos
Scholarship Chair: Rachael Sampson
SIGHT Coordinator: Betsy Platt
Social Media Coordinator: Vacant — Please Volunteer!
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Coordinator: Nancy McMahan Farrar
Testing Coordinator: Chris Yuknis
Webmaster: Steven Swantek