What Is MWM?

MWM stands for Metropolitan Washington Mensa, a local chapter of American Mensa.  We are currently the second largest US chapter, with almost 1,800 members!

Where Is MWM?

As you might have guessed from the name, we cover the entire Washington DC metropolitan area.  Very roughly, our chapter includes the area of Washington, DC and it extends north about halfway to Baltimore, MD, south about halfway to Richmond, VA, east towards Annapolis, MD and the Chesapeake Bay, and west just into West Virginia.

Why Should I Join MWM?

  • In a world that is large, fast-paced, extremely busy, and impersonal, Mensa offers community: a small group of people who have something in common, enjoy each other’s company, and care about each other.  If you had to move to another part of the country, you could immediately find another welcoming group of possible friends.
  • We’re an elite organization: only 2% of the world qualifies, and YOU would be part of it!
  • You’re going to feel like you’ve finally found your people, or your “tribe”. Some of us might even get your jokes 😉
  • MWM brings our members the best calendar of events in the country, if not the world.  We offer all sorts of events — around 40 each month — at all sorts of places for all sorts of Mensans over most of each calendar month, in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.
  • We have an award-winning Gifted Youth Program.
  • Check out our member benefits at us.mensa.org.  Members can save money on auto insurance, pet insurance, car rentals, hotel rentals, travel packages, books and magazine.

When Can I Experience MWM?

We offer around 40 wildly-varied events each month at all sorts of places for all sorts of Mensans in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and even West Virginia.  We also have two free “official” events each month: the New Members’ Open House, and the Saturday Night Party. We host four official yearly events: August’s Regional Gathering, an Annual Picnic in the summer, October’s Election Party and Annual Membership Meeting, and December’s Annual Holiday party.  Most of these are free and open to all members and their guests.  

How Can I Join MWM?

First you have to join American Mensa!  You should automatically be preferenced into our local chapter, but if not, feel free to email info@americanmensa.org and request that your local chapter be Metropolitan Washington Mensa.