We do lots of different things.  We throw parties (and axes!), we go to art galleries, we go to scientific lectures… and bars, restaurants, breweries, plays, movies, and parades.  We gather to talk about stuff.  We play-test new board games.  We take our kids to the zoo.  Check out some of these examples:

If you’re a Mensa member (any chapter in the USA), you can check out the calendar in our Capital M newsletter (current and back issues) or in the Upcoming Events section of our website.

We host a large Regional Gathering every August (we descend on a hotel for a weekend for presentations, games, hospitality and fun!). Some of us travel to attend nearby Regional Gatherings, and some of us travel to the Annual Gathering, which is a gathering of ~2k Mensans from across the US, and has a lot of fun activities, including Misster Mensa competition (check out our own Morgan Halvorsen, below, competing for the crown!)

Information on previous major events:
2019 RG — Pandemic: SPY GAMES!
2018 RG — Pandemic: Angry Planet
2017 RG — Pandemic: She Blinded Me with Science!
2017 Mind Games
2016 RG — Pandemic: Catch the Fun!
2014 RG — Matrix VI: Villanous Edition
2013 RG — Matrix V: Superhero Edition! 
2012 RG — Matrix 4: A Renaissance Affair
2011 RG: A Capital Time!