National Scholarships:

MWM supports the national Mensa Education and Research Foundation’s (MERF) scholarship program, raising funds and making awards to students from the greater MWM area.  The application process runs from September 15th through January 15th… if you’re attending college, or college-bound, please apply! You do NOT need to be a Mensa member to take advantage of our vast scholarship opportunities!

Local Scholarships:

MWM also runs its own SEPARATE scholarship program that is specifically for MWM member and their families, using the funds that we raise and allocate locally. This encourages learning in our local area! Beginning in 2013, our own MWM scholarships were available for students of all ages (MWM members and their families only), and not restricted only to college students as MERF scholarships are.  

There are two types of awards:
1) College/Technical/Trade School Scholarships [C/T/TS Scholarships]
2) Scholarships for younger students attending a gifted, talented or enrichment program [G/T/E Program] Elementary school, middle school, and high school students accepted to gifted and talented programs or enrichment programs are now eligible for smaller awards.

Deadline: The deadline for C/T/TS scholarships for 2021 is January 15, 2022. We have limited funds available, so awards will be relatively small as compared to educational costs. There is no deadline for applications for G/T/E awards.

Eligibility: Each applicant must either be a current member of MWM, the child or grandchild of a current MWM member, or a former MWM youth member residing at an out-of-area school. The terms “child” and “grandchild” include stepchildren and legally adopted children. Only one application per year is allowed per student. academic enrichment program. Winners of G/T/E Program awards must demonstrate enrollment in a gifted/talented program or an academic enrichment program.

Awards: Awarded amounts will vary depending on the quality and number of applications, and will be dependent on funds available. It is not anticipated that awards would cover the full cost of any programs. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit. Each application must include a signed statement from the applicant certifying that the information and essay are the applicant’s own work and that the applicant has read these rules and guidelines. If the application is submitted electronically, then the certification will be considered to have been digitally signed. Applicants who provide a valid email address will receive confirmation of their applications via email.

Proof of Enrollment: Winners of C/T/TS Scholarships must have proof of enrollment in a regionally accredited US institution or licensed trade school for the 2021/2022 academic year before receiving their awards. C/T/TS Scholarship winners will be judged on the basis of an essay. Essays must be the applicants’ original work and not run over 550 words in length. Essays submitted to other competitions may be re-used for this competition.

Judging: Emphasis in judging will be placed on a goal statement that includes specific information on experience or steps taken toward the goal, persuasiveness (how past achievements and experiences and future planning increase the probability of reaching one’s goals), and why and how one expects to succeed. Points will also be allocated based on organization, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Format: G/T/E Program applications should be in the form of a letter of request from the student, written by the student, identifying the gifted/talented program or enrichment program and the student’s goal, or reason the student wants to be in the program. They may be submitted by email to G/T/E Program award applications will not have a deadline but will be limited by funds available, so students are encouraged to apply as early as they are able.